Preparing For Your



What To Wear

Your wardrobe is certainly not the most important part of your pictures, but it is pretty important.

First and foremost, you should choose clothes you feel comfortable in. You should be able to move comfortably and feel confident while doing it. Your outfits should coordinate, but not match. I recommend choosing 2-3 colors and then picking prints, patterns and solids for you & your significant other in those colors. 

My mentor, Sarah Hill, has a really good What To Wear Guide here if you need some ideas.

I recommend layering, so you can create different looks easily and adding in accessories to create interest in your images


I recommend having a professional do your hair and makeup for your shoot - they'll know how to really get you camera ready. I have some suggestions of good local hair & makeup artists if you need them.

If you choose to do your own makeup, I recommend going slightly heavier than you would normally, so it really shows up in camera.

The Day Of Your Shoot 

It's a good idea to start getting ready earlier, rather than later. You can avoid a lot of stress by just making sure you're not running late and that getting ready is fun, like it should be! 

Also, go ahead and have a light snack or meal before your shoot - being hungry never makes for good photos! 

Don't worry about not being in good in front of the camera, or a self-proclaimed model, basically no one is, and it's my job to pose you and help you feel comfortable. I will run the show and tell you what to do, so you'll get the best possible gallery full of images!