Don't Wait, Mama.

If you're like most mamas, you probably had all these ideas in your head about how your family session would go - you've seen other people's photo galleries. You thought you'd walk sweetly through a field stopping only for gentle kisses on the cheek and eskimo kisses. And you'd leave anxiously anticipating the gorgeous photos sure to be in your gallery.

And then this is how it all really went down ... 

You wrestled your toddler into clothes he doesn't wear often and therefore, he screamed, "OFF!" for so long you contemplated heading straight to the zoo and paying them to take him. You tried (but failed) to squeeze in that perfectly-timed nap and somehow, finally, you arrived to your session just praying there weren't mushy goldfish all over his little booty. And oh my gosh, did you remember lipstick? 

By the end of the session you've decided, "We're not having professional photos taken for a long,  long time". It was too stressful, too hard, just too.much. 


I heard a similar story from a client just the other day.

So I have this gentle reminder for you ... Don't wait, Mama. 

Soon, he won't make that silly little face when he's nervous - the one that says, "I need you", without any words. The days of her making that ridiculous "cheese" face will be gone and she will have refined her pose the way only a big girl would. He won't run and hide and let out that baby giggle that secretly sticks a dagger right into your heart.

Don't wait, momma.

You're tired now. The days are long. But don't forget, the years are short. 

When you're pulling out the photos for his high school graduation slideshow (and my god, it will happen before you know it), you'll be happy you made photo sessions a priority. You'll smile and remember those sweet chubby little hands ... yes, even if it is because they were over his face in that shot. You'll wish that for one day you could go back.

Don't wait, momma. You'll be glad you didn't. 


Luke & Laurel - White Diamond Lavender Farms - Hope, Indiana

Luke and Laurel were absolute dream clients and their wedding was so beautiful and perfectly them. White Diamond Lavender Fields in Hope, Indiana, was the perfect venue for these two and their sweet families.

From the letters they wrote to each other, to the looks on their faces when they finally saw each other for the first time, it was overwhelmingly evident just how much these two love each other and I feel so honored that they chose me to capture their wedding day.

Thank you, Luke and Laurel, for being such amazing clients and for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. I hope your marriage is all you dreamed of and more!


Claudia - Columbus Indiana Senior



When you think of the sweetest, most hard-working, country girl, you're thinking of Claudia. This girl is as sweet as apple pie! We had so much fun during her session, her mom upgraded to the next package to keep the party going!

Thank you for choosing me, Claudia! I had so much fun shooting your senior photos and learning all about farm life.

Brown Family

This is the second time I've gotten to photograph this precious family & it just gets better every time! There MAY have been some bribery going on, but I think we captured some really beautiful pictures of this little chickadee and her momma and daddy too.

I can't wait to see you again, Brown family! Thanks for being awesome return clients!

Norman & Bonnie

Norman and Bonnie were one of the couples I selected as my 2017 Valentines Day Mini winners! I've always had a special place in my heart for older folks, and capturing lifetime love between two just makes my heart pitter patter.

Norman and Bonnie were the PERFECT choice for the shoot! These two are about to celebrate 60 years together and their daughter, Denise, who nominated them, said she truly can't imagine their lives without each other. She said they just do everything together ... while holding hands

. Norman and Bonnie, I only hope to have a lifelong live like yours. Thanks for being wonderful clients!

Blackburn - Maternity

Mallory is my Fiance's sister, which means she and her husband are about to be my in-laws and that baby in there is soon to be my nephew!

It seems like just yesterday that we were all in high school, so it's hard to believe that these two are going to be parents soon!

Alas, I can't wait to be an aunt and see this sweet baby's face. Come on Easton! Auntie Ali is ready to meet you!