Preparing For Your

Lifestyle Session


What To Wear

Your wardrobe is certainly not the most important part of your pictures, but it is pretty important.

First and foremost, you should choose clothes you feel comfortable in. You should be able to move comfortably and feel confident while doing it. Your outfits should coordinate, but not match. I highly recommend soft clothes in neutral colors for lifestyle sessions.


The purpose of lifestyle sessions is to capture you as you are. However, none of us want pictures of our homes on our worst days - so think of this like a photo shoot of your best days at home - the days when you feel good about yourself, when your house is clean and cozy and you're having fun with your family.

For lifestyle sessions, I recommend light makeup that isn't overdone, but accentuates your best feautres. 

The Day Of Your Shoot 

Your home does not need to look like a Good Housekeeping image for your lifestyle shoot - just tidy it up as you would if company was coming over. (Let's be honest, my house does not always look the way it does when my Mother In Law comes over!)

If you're doing the shoot with your family - plan an activity or two to do for your shoot. It could be a bigger activity like cookie baking, or it could be as simple as reading books. It just helps me capture you as you are if everyone is engaged in an activity. 

If this is a newborn shoot, just plan to hang out with your baby as you normally would - rock it, change it, feed it - you know, the normal baby things. 

Don't worry about not being in good in front of the camera, or a self-proclaimed model, because basically no one is, and it's my job to pose you and help you feel comfortable. I will run the show and tell you what to do, so you'll get the best possible gallery full of images!