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What to wear for your session.


First thing's first ... 

The lady of the shoot should always pick her outfit first, whether this is mom, wife, girlfriend ... whatever. Let her pick first. Because if she isn't happy, nobody's happy. There's really only two rules for this outfit: she should feel like a million bucks in it and it should fit well. Once you've gotten that part down, you're off to a great start. 

Then, start building. 

Now it's time for the rest of the family to get outfitted. Choose 2-3 colors that compliment the color of the first outfit. If you need help with complimentary colors, find the color of your first outfit on the color wheel below and then check out the color directly across from it. Now, add in solids and 1-2 patterns in those colors too. Yes, you could have someone in plaid and someone in stripes. Seriously, it works! 


Last, add some interest!

Adding layers in your outfits is a super easy way to add some interest. This might mean an open button up over a t-shirt, a vest or a statement necklace. Not everyone in the photo needs layers, but adding them to a couple of your outfits will really add dimension and interest to your images. Putting someone in a hat is another great option! 


Other tips to remember ...

1. Matching is so out. Coordinating is in. I mean, you be the judge. Which one looks better? If you need help coordinating, don't hesitate to ask. I will be happy to help! 

What To Wear Guide | Ali Elizabeth Photography
Ali Elizabeth Photography || Ali Elizabeth Photography

2. Shoes matter. Yes you will see them and yes they matter. Don't make the mistake of carefully selecting outfits and then throwing on old tennis shoes. Matching shoes will make a difference, promise! 

3. Dress for your location! If you said you want to shoot in a big open field, you might want to choose more casual, relaxed outfits without a lot of green, so they don't blend into the background. If you're shooting in a more urban location, you might skip the muddy boots and go for something a little nicer. Think about where you'll be shooting and what will look most appropriate there.


4.. When all else fails, wear a maxi dress. Better yet? A black maxi dress. It's like sisterhood of the traveling clothing option. Maxis look good on everyone! 

5. It doesn't cost a fortune to look nice. Promise. Some of my favorite stores for client wardrobes are Target, Old Navy, American Eagle and H&M

Confidence is key to any great photo session, so wear whatever you feel best in and allow everyone else to let their personalities shine too. Have fun with choosing your wardrobe for your session with me and don't forget, I'm always here to help you if you have any questions. Just shoot me an email!