Preparing for your session.


The Day Of Your Shoot 

If you have little ones, they'll do much better for their shoot if they get a good nap in during the day before your shoot. And, regardless of whether you have little ones or big ones, everyone will do better if you start getting ready earlier rather than later. Starting the shoot stressed because you were running late is easily avoidable, so do your best to try to start getting ready early.

It's a good idea to make sure everyone has at least had a snack before the shoot, and to bring some water so no one gets too thirsty during the shoot. Certainly don't make little ones wait until after the shoot to eat. Hangry kiddos never photograph well. Feel free to bring a snack too, if you think hunger might be an issue.

I know everyone is concerned about the way their kids are going to act for the shoot - everyone wants a bunch of good shots - but trust me when I say, the more laid back you are, the better your kids will do. Try to avoid getting on to them for behavior you don't like ... let me run this show for just an hour and I promise you'll be pleased with the results. 

Oh, and if you decide to bring a bribery method like candy, or snacks, please make sure it's something that won't color their mouths, faces or clothes!