How To Create A Wedding Day Timeline

Create Your Perfect Wedding Day Timeline With These Tips |

Having a wedding day timeline nailed down a month or so before your wedding is a very important piece of the puzzle. After all, you probably have at least a handful of people in your bridal party and family members who need to know where to be when. "Winging it" just isn't an option on a day when you have so much to do in so little time! 

I always put together a customized timeline for my clients and ask them to share the timeline with all important parties. At first, creating these timelines took a lot of thinking and time. Now, I can throw one together in 10-15 minutes. Let me share my method ... 

First, I write down the ceremony time and I work backwards. Say the ceremony is at 4:30. That means I need to be in my place by 4:15 at the venue. Therefore, pictures of the groom with his family need to start at 3:45, pictures with the groom and groomsmen need to start at 3:15, the bride needs to be hidden by 3:00 and so on. After I've gotten all the way up to hair and makeup, I start planning everything after the ceremony.

A few helpful hints for when you're preparing your own timeline:

1. Make sure you leave between 15 - 30 minutes for each category of photos. You'll want more time for bridal party photos, but family photos will likely go quick. Whatever you do, do not rush this time. You don't want to be stressed about your schedule on your wedding day and you need to leave enough time for good photos. This only happens once! 

2. People will arrive as much as an hour early to your ceremony. If you don't want people to see you in your wedding dress before you walk down the aisle, plan to be out of sight an hour before the wedding. 

3. Be sure to build in enough time to get to your photo locations. Sometimes, clients want to leave their venue for photos, which is fine with me as long as there's enough room in the schedule!

Most of all, remember there may be some hiccups in the plan. Your ceremony will probably go faster than anyone expected and things like bustling your dress may take longer than you had planned. The best thing you can do is plan, build in some extra time and then go with the flow. 

Your wedding day is your best day ever, so have fun!

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