Five Ways To Display Your Images

There are lots of reasons you decide to book a photo session with a photographer. One thing I can guarantee isn't on that list is so that you can have a bunch of beautiful images saved on your computer.

I'm just as guilty as the next person of not printing my images, so I thought I would share some great ways to display your images. This is as much for me as it is for you and I promise you none of these will include desktop backgrounds.

1. Create a Gallery Wall. 

This might be the most obvious way to display your photos, but the cool part is, you can make it whatever you want! You can only use photos, or you can include art, memorabilia and other things too. Check out this article on how to get started on your own gallery wall. If you choose to make it less uniform with different frames and pieces, you can easily add to it over the years as your family and photo collection grows!

Five Ways To Display Your Images
Five Ways To Display Your Images

2. Use a "Clothesline" Technique.

This is a super cute idea for kids rooms, play rooms or any other less formal space in your home. You can use string and clothespins, or you can make a more permanent fixture with wood and metal clips. Either way, this allows you to change out the photos often and display them in a fun way! 

Five Ways To Display Your Images

3. Make a Statement With Canvases. 

Whether its a 30x40 canvas in your dining room, or three 10x20 canvases next to each other in your living room, canvases can make a big impact and display what's most important to you in a big way. There are lots of options for canvases out there, but remember, you really do pay for what you get. If you care about quality and want your image to look the same way on canvas as it looked when it was delivered to you, spend a little extra money with a company like

4. Choose Acrylic for a Modern Look.

When I saw these acrylics at a photography trade show I attended, I was blown away! These are so cool for a more modern look. I could see someone choosing one of these for a really edgy senior portrait, or a beautiful wedding photo. This option is one I would recommend working with your photographer to get, because the quality is important! 


5. Create an Album. 

Do you have lots of images you love from one session? Do you want to be able to keep all those images together in one place? If you answered yes to these questions, it probably makes sense to create an album. Most photographers will create beautiful, heirloom quality albums for their clients, but for a more affordable option that you can do yourself, check out Artifact Uprising.

Five Ways To Display Your Images

No matter how you choose to display your images, just make sure you do it. Don't just keep them saved on your hard drive. Your family will love seeing your images and displaying them will add character to your home too! 

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Milk Bath Mini Sessions - Columbus, Indiana Family Photographer

As a Columbus, Indiana Photographer, I'm always looking for new, fun ideas to bring to my clients. It took me awhile to get this mini shoot idea pulled together, but I did it and Paisley was the best little model! 

Not only did the flowers and crown from local, Columbus, Indiana Florist, Pomp and Bloom, look adorable, but baby P's skin was so soft when we took her out of the little tub.

I can't wait to get some more cuties into the studio for these minis. Give me all the babies! 

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Baby Honey - Smash Cake Session

This little cake smash session was quite possibly the cutest theme to date - Honey! Baby A's big sister named her "Honey" the whole time she was in her momma's tummy, so despite the fact that her Mom didn't decide to name her "Honey" when she was born, she did use it as the theme for her first birthday!

Big thanks to Ashlynn Leigh Cakes in Columbus, Indiana, for this adorable honeycomb cake. I snuck a bite and it tasted incredible too!

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Blackburn Family - Columbus, Indiana Family Photography

Being an aunt to this little guy is basically like the best thing in the world. Not only is he absolutely adorable, he has a super fun personality and he's sweet as pie. He & his momma and daddy were so kind to model for my while I got some behind-the-scenes footage captured for marketing. 

I think they got a pretty great payment. These turned out so cute despite the fact that we were hustling before a storm! 

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How To Create A Wedding Day Timeline

Create Your Perfect Wedding Day Timeline With These Tips |

Having a wedding day timeline nailed down a month or so before your wedding is a very important piece of the puzzle. After all, you probably have at least a handful of people in your bridal party and family members who need to know where to be when. "Winging it" just isn't an option on a day when you have so much to do in so little time! 

I always put together a customized timeline for my clients and ask them to share the timeline with all important parties. At first, creating these timelines took a lot of thinking and time. Now, I can throw one together in 10-15 minutes. Let me share my method ... 

First, I write down the ceremony time and I work backwards. Say the ceremony is at 4:30. That means I need to be in my place by 4:15 at the venue. Therefore, pictures of the groom with his family need to start at 3:45, pictures with the groom and groomsmen need to start at 3:15, the bride needs to be hidden by 3:00 and so on. After I've gotten all the way up to hair and makeup, I start planning everything after the ceremony.

A few helpful hints for when you're preparing your own timeline:

1. Make sure you leave between 15 - 30 minutes for each category of photos. You'll want more time for bridal party photos, but family photos will likely go quick. Whatever you do, do not rush this time. You don't want to be stressed about your schedule on your wedding day and you need to leave enough time for good photos. This only happens once! 

2. People will arrive as much as an hour early to your ceremony. If you don't want people to see you in your wedding dress before you walk down the aisle, plan to be out of sight an hour before the wedding. 

3. Be sure to build in enough time to get to your photo locations. Sometimes, clients want to leave their venue for photos, which is fine with me as long as there's enough room in the schedule!

Most of all, remember there may be some hiccups in the plan. Your ceremony will probably go faster than anyone expected and things like bustling your dress may take longer than you had planned. The best thing you can do is plan, build in some extra time and then go with the flow. 

Your wedding day is your best day ever, so have fun!

To book your wedding day photography with me, just send me an email. I would be so honored to join you on your big day! For more tips and tricks that will make your life easier, sign up for my email list below. You'll love being on my A-Team! 

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Wes & Molly - Lake Wawasee Wedding

Molly and I became friends while we were at Butler in college and I've always loved her infectious smile and never-met-a-stranger personality. Wes is the perfect compliment to Molly - also just as sweet and friendly as can be.

Molly & her family have had a house at Lake Wawasee for years and it's definitely their "happy place". So, it just seemed fitting that their wedding would be there. 

From beginning to end, the Reuille Wedding was perfectly planned and executed with unique nautical touches that truly made it their own. The night ended with Molly's dad (who I seriously LOVE) serenading her with "Friends in Low Places". 

Thank you, Wes & Molly for choosing me. I had the best day ever at your best day ever and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you! 

Everett - Columbus, IN Newborn Photography

Everett is the newest family member of one of my favorite, long-time client families in Columbus, IN! Lucky dude, he's joined one of the coolest families around. And he's just as handsome as they all are, of course!

Baby-led posing was perfect for sleepy little Everett. He just snoozed right through his session, happily! 

To book your own newborn session with me, just shoot me an email! I love putting packages together for new babies (which is actually kind of selfish, because I want to see them a few times in their first year!). Give me all the baby snuggles!